Freshness at its Best


Our Story

Start of Kaizen Pokerrito est. 2021

Kaizen means “Change for the Better”. Kaizen Pokerrito was created to give the high desert a new and amazing poke experience during these uncertain times. During the pandemic of COVID-19, two brothers saw a need in the high desert. Something new and refreshing was needed. Both being from a sushi background and having a passion for servicing good food, they decided to open a poke restaurant. Being True Anime Lovers, why not combine the best of both worlds. Kaizen was born.

Our Mission

We believe in serving tasty yet healthy options for the high desert. Also, providing a clean and refreshing energy throughout the restaurant.  We take pride in our freshness and customer service. We here at Kaizen are always trying to improve, always trying to change for the better. 

Kaizen Specials

The Chefs


The eldest brother. Peter has always had a passion for food and being creative. Right out of high school, Peter started as a kitchen helper and quickly moved to being a sushi helper. That is when he found his passion, creating works of art with food and the joy it brings. Learning from various extraordinary Chefs, Peter was able to develop the skills needed to create innovative modern dishes and traditional Japanese cuisine.


The younger brother. Paul has always been focused and disciplined since he was a kid. Paul has worked in sushi restaurants and understand the importance of the quality of ingredients. Paul enlisted as a Marine reservist while working in the restaurant. Paul understands the importance of teamwork and discipline to be successful in anything he does.